Storms May Come – Chapter 5

After escorting Ailsa and her mother to the Siren Sea to place their offering I met up with Fina.  “How did the young one do?” She inquired. I chuckled and responded “Very well the Sirens did not scare her one bit, she was in awe then excitedly waved to them. She will fare well here, her mother on the other […]


A crinkled-skinned man looked around with glistening dark eyes, and drool slowly dripped from his lips. “Yes-yes all according to plan!” His face stretched into a too-long smile, cracks in his lips opening further a path for blood.  The sky was dark above, a dense fog stretching past all sight. Contorting shadows littered every inch of the ground, their moans […]

Magic of Music

When Lyna plays for her fans the music comes to life. You can see it in their faces, as her voice flows through the audience, their eyes alight with awe as if they were shining stars, their hair practically floating, and a soft golden aura surrounding them in the warmth of her music.  Lyna loved playing music and adored her […]

Thwarting Fate

Desperation made my hands shake as I poured the salt circle around myself, meticulously checking that there was no break in the line. I knew this was a terrible idea, but I also had to acknowledge that it was my only hope. The Fates had foretold of the loss of everything I held dear, and I only had one thing […]

The Witches Curse

There once lived three sisters, all of whom were witches. They were known as the Dawn Witch, the Dusk Witch, and the Witch of Darkest Night. The Dawn Witch was the youngest and sweetest of the three sisters, and she did something neither of the other witches would dare to do…she fell in love.  He was a dashing pirate who […]

The Wing Thief – Chapter 2

After hours of heated debate, the faeries finally came to a conclusion of sorts. They would send out a group for reconnaissance to see if they even could find a wizard that would be willing to help them. They would travel to the nearest city of Alifen, which was full of magic-wielding beings as well as normal folk. Many heightened […]

The Wing Thief

There was a thief on the loose. They were large, wore attire that concealed themselves and would capture the delicate faeries and rip the wings right off of their bodies. Luckily for the faeries, their wings would grow back more often than not. It was still quite bothersome seeing as they couldn’t fly for a few weeks, and even more […]

The House Across The Street

My family and I moved into a new home about a month ago. It’s a nice neighborhood, quiet in a small town. My room is the only upstairs room; the window faces the street and it’s directly across from a house that looks similar to ours. The same sized window of our neighbors across the street faces mine.  “Many houses […]

The Curse of Nightmares

Alani was out for her daily stroll, searching the perimeter of Mistmere for any signs of encroachment. As the Village Witch, it was her duty to protect the town from any attempts at invasion from wild magic. Although witches of old had attempted to eradicate it, bits of wild magic always held on and tried to spread, if given the […]

The Hollow Tree – Part 2

This is the conclusion to WTF’s story. If you haven’t read part 1, you can find it here. The Lunar Celebration was upon us, and tonight was the night I would approach the Hollow Tree. I was lost in thought as I was mixing my sleeping draught, crushing the fine herbs into a creamy paste. I corked the glass vial […]