A Fairy’s Tale

There once lived a little fairy named Alyssum. Alyssum was the tiniest of all the fairies in Elfhame. And as you may know, fairies were already quite small. When asked, Alyssum would tell you that she was 6 inches tall, even though she didn’t quite reach that height. She liked to round up. Most fairies were 7 or 8 inches […]

Missing Pieces – Part 2

I hoped you enjoyed part 1 of Missing Pieces! If you haven’t read the first half of this story, you can find it here. Now for the conclusion: It didn’t take much to disguise me as a Fae. Erissa used some magic to make my ears pointy and give my skin a pale shimmer. For her part, Belle stole some […]

Missing Pieces – Part 1

I stared at the sock sticking to the bottom of the washer and sighed. Looks like I’m going in after it. Being only 5’2’’ meant I had to hoist myself into the washer head first, waist bone digging into the edge of the machine and feet dangling inches above the floor. I stretched my arm, reaching for the sock. At […]