The Ilodian Rift – Part 2

If you haven’t read the beginning of The Ilodian Rift, you can find it here. … Ellisar steps through the portal first, then waves at us to follow. I grab my brother and sister’s hands. With a deep breath, I step through the glowing rift. I feel a tingle along my skin. Then, the air feels lighter and the world […]

The Ilodian Rift

The sound of loud music pops the bubble around me as I am pulled out of the intense moment in the story I was reading and brought abruptly back to the present. I sigh as I sit my book on the table and launch up from my chair. I stomp to my brother’s room next to mine.  “Can you turn […]

In Memory of the Best Dog

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds. This is Clever a.k.a. Ashley. We were supposed to have a story this week, but I wanted to have a special post in memory of my dog, Amy, who passed away on Tuesday. I wanted to share some memories of her with all of you, so you can get a glimpse of how special she was to […]