Magic of Music

When Lyna plays for her fans the music comes to life. You can see it in their faces, as her voice flows through the audience, their eyes alight with awe as if they were shining stars, their hair practically floating, and a soft golden aura surrounding them in the warmth of her music.  Lyna loved playing music and adored her […]

The Curse of Nightmares

Alani was out for her daily stroll, searching the perimeter of Mistmere for any signs of encroachment. As the Village Witch, it was her duty to protect the town from any attempts at invasion from wild magic. Although witches of old had attempted to eradicate it, bits of wild magic always held on and tried to spread, if given the […]

The Painting

My whole life I had one goal; finish the painting. I slaved away for years at a mediocre job, making mediocre money. Nothing brought me joy, not like the way it felt to paint. Holding various brushes of intricate shapes and sizes, the weight between my fingers. The sound the horse hair bristles made as they stroked across a rough […]