The Spookiest Stories for Halloween

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Since it’s Halloween weekend, we decided to do a round-up of our favorite scary stories for you to read. Some of these will be stories we have written, others are from guest writers we’ve featured on the blog, and some will be from outside writers whose work we enjoy. We hope you find a few stories to […]

The Enchantress’ Challenge: The Gorgon

With a roar, Kavarus pierces the beast’s heart with his longsword. Now, I am ready, he thinks smugly. If he can slay the great Cyclops, then he can face any challenge the enchantress might throw his way. Kavarus marches home, stopping outside of his stone dwelling to clean his sword. Once it is glistening, he places it on the rack […]

The Culling

“I’ve been marked!”  I jolt awake at the sound of the cry. My sleep-addled brain trying to decipher if this was real. “I’ve been marked!” the voice shouts, from farther away this time as he makes his way through the village. No, no, no, no. This can’t be happening.  I pull on clothes and rush from my room. My little […]

The Long-Forgotten

The wind whispers through the dark, empty trees like a warning in a foreign language. Winter is here, and with winter comes the long-forgotten. The winter chill could mask the cold of their undead bodies as they sought a new home among the living. Their blue lips and frost-kissed hair wouldn’t stand out among the towns in the north. It […]

The Cradle

After reading the draft of WTF’s latest story, Red Eyes, I called to tell her a tale of my own. This is that story: I awoke in the dead of night with my sister sleeping peacefully beside me. I glanced around my bedroom and listened to the typical stillness of an Ohio night, permeated with the chirping of insects. Unsure […]