Second Anniversary

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! We cannot believe it has already been two years since we started Clever & WTF! Thank you so much for your support of our blog. It means the world to us! We decided to celebrate by sharing our favorite stories: one that we wrote ourselves, one that was written by the other sister, and one that we […]

Anniversary Celebration & Blog Tour!

We wanted to do a special post to celebrate our one year anniversary at Clever & WTF! We cannot believe we have been sharing our stories and posts with you for over a year already! It seems like just yesterday that we were getting excited over our first comments and followers. (OK, we still get excited over every comment and […]

Fractured Realities

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Today is a very exciting day! Clever will be published for the first time in print, in Fractured Realitites: A Write of Passion Literary Journal Anthology!!! My short story, “A True Gift”, was chosen to be included in the anthology! We will be celebrating with a giveaway, so read on to the bottom for the info! I […]

Run Away From The Light

I woke up from a tickle on my cheek; I smiled against the warm sunshine on my face and peeled my eyes open. The tickle was from grass, I was lying in a tall field of it with no end in sight. I rubbed my tired eyes in confusion.  “How did I get here?” I thought.  I sat up slowly, […]

Blood Moon

Trees whizzed past in a blur. The sodden soil sunk beneath her weight, as dirt chunks flew up with each clawed paw that effortlessly navigated the forest. The moon was high, and its fullness glimmered above through the tree line. All that could be heard was the rhythmic thumping of paws, and the wind whipping.  Her ears twitched, and light […]

My Writing Process

So traditionally speaking I don’t follow “normal” writing techniques. I don’t believe there are any solid “rules” to writing, and if there are, well… Rules were meant to be broken. Where To Begin A majority of the time my stories stem from thoughts, experiences or dreams. For example; being outside and alone in the dark of the forest, hearing a […]

The Connection

                Ugh, my brother is hogging the connection again. I pull myself off my bed and march down the hall to his room. I shove open the door without knocking.                 “Hey! What are you doing in my room?” my brother shouts with pinched-together eyebrows.                 “Get off the connection. You’re slowing it down and I’m trying to do my […]

Welcome Fantasy Nerds!

Welcome Fantasy Nerds, to our blog, Clever and WTF. Here we will be posting bi-weekly fantasy and other short stories that we hope you will enjoy! We will post to the blog every Sunday, and on the weeks between stories we will post about random topics mostly related to writing, reading, and fantasy. So, who are we? Amber Johnson and […]