Storms May Come – Chapter 9

The sand was soft between my toes as I strolled down the beach towards the festivities. Decorations of pink and orange coral and sea glass in shades from green to purple hung from palm trees and adorned tables. I sat on a driftwood bench next to Ailsa. “You did an incredible job with these decorations,” I said as I smiled.  […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 8

Suddenly Queen Aetherina emerged in her sea funnel, water rushing and whirling around her body; the power radiating from her instilled fear in us all. She rapidly flung forward what seemed to be an endless amount of water spears, exploding the chests and heads of countless soldiers in a bloodbath. She paused for a moment, her eyes glazed over and […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 7

Click here to read “Storms May Come” from the beginning. … Mist rolled over the land, obscuring everything outside of the archers’ range. The Sirens had pulled the sea onto dry land, filling the air with humidity. The army would not be able to see us until they were fired upon by muskets and bows. We waited in a tense silence, ready […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 6

Click here to read “Storms May Come” from the beginning. … “Less than three weeks to be ready for a battle against thousands?!” a villager named Bartram exclaimed. He was a lean middle-aged man with a hooked nose who was distrustful of everyone, especially the Sirens.  “We have already finished the walls, and we have the aid of the Sirens,” […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 4

Click here to start reading from the beginning. … I ran my hand along the rough walls, fingers catching on the innumerable tiny shells. Everyone in the village who could lift the coquina stones had been helping to build a wall around our homes. Even the children combed the beaches for oyster shells, which were burned into lime and mixed […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 3

To read from the beginning, click here. … We stood on the rocky shore as the sun first peeked above the ocean, glinting off the water and painting the skies vivid colors. We watched as a dozen tails broke the surface of the waves, the glistening scales more beautiful than the sunrise. They skimmed across the water towards our party […]

Storms May Come

After the storm, in the silence and the calm, he came, like he was ushering in the sunlight himself. Later, I thought it more likely he had pushed in the storm. But when you’re desperate and someone offers aid, you don’t question it. So we began the rebuilding, along with Dreven. And his presence made us believe that this time […]