Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This week we want to share with you our most recent adventure…Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is a family tradition that we look forward to every year. Read on to find out what it’s like to go and hear about all the fun we had! We of course had to get souvenir […]


The earth below The earth above Don’t know where I’m going Or which way is up Do you ever feel lost? Like a ship on the sea No land in sight No reprieve  I’m hungry I’m thirsty Nothing satisfies I live each day not feeling alive How can it be this way A hollow feeling every day I know I […]

Best Cookbooks for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This week we wanted to share some of our favorite cookbooks that feature recipes from fantasy fandoms we love. If you are a fantasy nerd who is interested in cooking or baking, these books are for you! A Feast of Ice and Fire A Feast of Ice and Fire is the official companion cookbook to the Game […]

Writing Check-Up with Clever & WTF

Greetings fellow Fantasy Nerds! As we’ve now passed the four-year mark on our blog and this year is flying by, we thought it was a good time for a writing check-up. Join us as we discuss our goals, achievements, and what the future looks like for Clever&WTF. Be sure to let us know in the comments what your goals are! […]

The Jar

My family and I had taken a trip to a state we had never been to before. We did plenty of tourist activities, ate at well-known restaurants, and did a ghost tour. My mom loved a good ghost tour, her wavy hair bounced as she laughed and her eyes were wide with excitement at everything the tour guide was saying. […]

Best Witchy Doodles

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! We had so much fun with our last doodles post, that we decided to do another.  This time, we really wanted to focus on witchy doodles. There are so many cute ones! We encourage you to give these doodles a try. We were pleasantly surprised by how ours turned out. Mushrooms Mushrooms are a simple addition to […]

How to Tell When You Need a Break from Writing

There is a lot of writing advice out there that stresses the importance of sticking to a writing routine. For the most part, this is good advice. However, everyone needs a break at times, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. So when should you take a break from your writing, and how do you make sure the break is […]

In the Pages of a Book – Epilogue

The book was safe, but more importantly, Janette and Charles were safe. They had settled into their new life together, Charles was in remission, Janette by his side throughout the last year of treatment. They ran the bookstore together, continuing to lend the book’s magic to those who needed it. Roy was in prison for breaking and entering, and assault. […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 4 

If you haven’t read any of In the Pages of a Book yet, you can start here with Chapter 1! Trigger Warning: Topics of abuse Chapter 4 – Janette’s Story The man in the dark jacket was now hovering around the bookstore more boldly. The man was harassing the boy, Lucas, outside the shop. Janette had seen him many times, […]