How to Begin Writing a Story

We know from first-hand experience that beginning a story is the hardest part. Sometimes it’s coming up with the story idea in general, other times it’s putting those first words onto paper. So, we decided to share some of the strategies that have worked for us. Start with the Ending If you’ve never heard this before, we wanted to let […]

Writing Check-Up with Clever & WTF

Greetings fellow Fantasy Nerds! As we’ve now passed the four-year mark on our blog and this year is flying by, we thought it was a good time for a writing check-up. Join us as we discuss our goals, achievements, and what the future looks like for Clever&WTF. Be sure to let us know in the comments what your goals are! […]

How to Tell When You Need a Break from Writing

There is a lot of writing advice out there that stresses the importance of sticking to a writing routine. For the most part, this is good advice. However, everyone needs a break at times, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. So when should you take a break from your writing, and how do you make sure the break is […]

Best Songs to Inspire Writers to Go After Your Dreams

Welcome, Writers! Listening to some inspiring songs inspired this post, so we decided to share with you our favorite songs to motivate you during the times when chasing the author dream gets difficult. We hope you enjoy these songs! “Daydream” by Lily Meola Clever first heard this song on America’s Got Talent and immediately shared it with WTF. We’ve both […]

Writing Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You

Welcome, Writers! Today we thought we would share some of our favorite quotes about writing, and why we like them. We could all use some motivation and inspiration every once in a while. We hope these quotes are helpful to you! Read a Lot If you’re a writer, it’s certain that you read a hefty amount of books as well. […]

Setting Up a Writing Spot

Items to Make Your Space Comfy First and foremost, you want your writing space to be somewhere you enjoy spending time. Make sure you have enough space to write, a comfortable chair, and an ambiance that leaves you feeling creative. Clever has a large desk with an extra monitor and keeps a pillow with a quote from one of her […]

Our DIY Writing Retreat

Welcome, Writers! If you saw our prior post, you know we decided to create our own writing retreat right here in sunny Florida. We found the DIY writing retreat idea from Rhonda Douglas and used it as a guide. As promised, we came back to show you how it went! Day 1 – Art and Inspiration in St. Augustine For […]

Best Places to Travel for a Writing Retreat

Burgh Island, England Burgh Island inspired the setting for two of Agatha Christie’s novels, and she had a writing retreat built there where she wrote those novels. You can now stay in Agatha’s Beach House, and write your own mystery in the very place the famous author wrote! Burgh Island Hotel also has the smaller Artist’s Studio or suites named […]