Our DIY Writing Retreat

Welcome, Writers! If you saw our prior post, you know we decided to create our own writing retreat right here in sunny Florida. We found the DIY writing retreat idea from Rhonda Douglas and used it as a guide. As promised, we came back to show you how it went! Day 1 – Art and Inspiration in St. Augustine For […]

Best Places to Travel for a Writing Retreat

Burgh Island, England Burgh Island inspired the setting for two of Agatha Christie’s novels, and she had a writing retreat built there where she wrote those novels. You can now stay in Agatha’s Beach House, and write your own mystery in the very place the famous author wrote! Burgh Island Hotel also has the smaller Artist’s Studio or suites named […]

DIY-ing a Writing Retreat

Welcome, Writers! We have decided to try something fun, and we wanted to invite you to join us! Have you ever thought about going on a fancy writing retreat in some far-off place, only to realize you can’t afford the cost or the time off from work? We always thought a writing retreat just wasn’t going to be possible for […]