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Storms May Come – Chapter 6

Click here to read “Storms May Come” from the beginning. … “Less than three weeks to be ready for a battle against thousands?!” a villager named Bartram exclaimed. He was a lean middle-aged man with a hooked nose who was distrustful of everyone, especially the Sirens.  “We have already finished the walls, and we have the aid of the Sirens,” […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 5

After escorting Ailsa and her mother to the Siren Sea to place their offering I met up with Fina.  “How did the young one do?” She inquired. I chuckled and responded “Very well the Sirens did not scare her one bit, she was in awe then excitedly waved to them. She will fare well here, her mother on the other […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 4

Click here to start reading from the beginning. … I ran my hand along the rough walls, fingers catching on the innumerable tiny shells. Everyone in the village who could lift the coquina stones had been helping to build a wall around our homes. Even the children combed the beaches for oyster shells, which were burned into lime and mixed […]

How to Begin Writing a Story

We know from first-hand experience that beginning a story is the hardest part. Sometimes it’s coming up with the story idea in general, other times it’s putting those first words onto paper. So, we decided to share some of the strategies that have worked for us. Start with the Ending If you’ve never heard this before, we wanted to let […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 3

To read from the beginning, click here. … We stood on the rocky shore as the sun first peeked above the ocean, glinting off the water and painting the skies vivid colors. We watched as a dozen tails broke the surface of the waves, the glistening scales more beautiful than the sunrise. They skimmed across the water towards our party […]

Best Places to Stay for Fantasy Nerds

Earth and Sky Dwellings We’ve wanted to stay at these Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings-themed AirBnBs for a while now, and once you see them you’ll understand! Earth and Sky Dwellings has two Harry Potter dwellings, Wizard’s Hollow and Alchemy, and one LOTR hut, Dragon’s Knoll. Located in the mountains of North Carolina, they are a relaxing getaway. […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 2

The rage in my heart and the pain in my chest finally quelled enough that I realized I needed to get out of Dreven’s shack before he returned. I thoughtfully put back the leather pouch exactly as I had found it.  What should I do? I thought to myself. I slipped away unnoticed and paced along the shore as the […]