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It was me. I was chosen, and I was still reeling from the realization. Well, chosen is the pretty way to put it. I was unlucky enough to have my name drawn. Now I will be the next sacrifice. It’s normal, and always to be anticipated that you may be the next one, but it doesn’t lessen the fear that […]

Dangerous Plants for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Last time we covered the Best Plants for Fantasy Nerds, but while doing our research into witchy plants, we found quite a few dangerous ones. We decided to share their interesting history with you! Deadly Nightshade/Belladonna We’re starting this list off with Nightshade, because it’s a pretty well-known poison and it has some interesting history. It was […]

The Neighboring Witches

Belladonna looked out at the beautiful chaos of her garden. The pale colors and long leaves of Nightshade and Henbane mixed with the bright-colored flowers of the Poppy and Aconite. Ivy climbed up the walls of her home and spiky blackthorn shrubs enclosed the yard. To the untrained eye, it was hard to tell where one plant ended and the […]

Best Plants for Fantasy Nerds

Greetings lovely Fantasy Nerds! This week we have a treat for you, we will be discussing some plants that were used in the olden days and thought to have magical properties, and how they can be useful for your health today! We hope you enjoy our list, and find a new plant friend to help you in your everyday life! […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 9

The sand was soft between my toes as I strolled down the beach towards the festivities. Decorations of pink and orange coral and sea glass in shades from green to purple hung from palm trees and adorned tables. I sat on a driftwood bench next to Ailsa. “You did an incredible job with these decorations,” I said as I smiled.  […]

AniMAY Celebration

Greetings Fantasy Nerds and welcome to the aniMAY celebration! In this post, we’ll review our favorite animes of last season, currently or recently aired, and animes we’re looking forward to! Most of these will be fantasy or isekai, but we have added in some other anime genres when we think the show is really worth a watch. We hope you […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 8

Suddenly Queen Aetherina emerged in her sea funnel, water rushing and whirling around her body; the power radiating from her instilled fear in us all. She rapidly flung forward what seemed to be an endless amount of water spears, exploding the chests and heads of countless soldiers in a bloodbath. She paused for a moment, her eyes glazed over and […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 7

Click here to read “Storms May Come” from the beginning. … Mist rolled over the land, obscuring everything outside of the archers’ range. The Sirens had pulled the sea onto dry land, filling the air with humidity. The army would not be able to see us until they were fired upon by muskets and bows. We waited in a tense silence, ready […]

Baraboo Murder Mystery Weekend

Greetings Fantasy Nerds! First off, we apologize for not posting last Sunday, but it’s because we were together doing an amazing event! In this post, we will tell you all about it. Every year for the last five years in Baraboo, WI the town holds an event called Baraboo Murder Mystery Weekend!  During the event, the entire downtown is transformed […]