Storms May Come – Chapter 5

Storms May Come – Chapter 5

After escorting Ailsa and her mother to the Siren Sea to place their offering I met up with Fina. 

“How did the young one do?” She inquired.

I chuckled and responded “Very well the Sirens did not scare her one bit, she was in awe then excitedly waved to them. She will fare well here, her mother on the other hand was quite taken aback and frightened by them.”

Fina smirked. “I spoke with the father, Firth, regarding their son who has been taken into imprisonment. He longs to save him, and loathes the King.” I nodded as she continued, “I was pondering the idea of a rescue mission, but also to gather intel on the King and the state of Zorin’s politics. The prisoners could be a source of valuable information.” 

I nodded again, mulling this over. It would be dangerous, as all missions into the Kingdom of Zorin are. Our news of refuge was spreading quickly, we had more defectors flocking to our village almost daily, certainly, it would be valuable to our cause to learn as much as we can. 

“I think this could be done Fina, by you and your Shadows, but please be careful.” I rested my hand on her shoulder, “The prisoners are likely there because of their desire to come to our village, or because they possess information that could hurt King Zayin. If by any stroke of luck, we could have insight into their plans, we can be prepared for any form of assault.” Fina gave my arm a tight squeeze then disappeared to find her Shadows and prep for the rescue mission.

Fina, her Shadows, and Firth had made it into Zorin and were fast approaching the prison. Fina had given Firth a crash course in the ways of moving in the shadows and to her surprise he kept up with them very well. The desire to save his son was guiding him. They approached the western outer wall of the prison, Fina knew of a secret entrance. She gave the hand signals that she was opening the entrance and for them to silently follow her lead. Gently like a trickle of water down a soft stream, she moved her hands across the wall until she found the slightly protruding stone she was looking for, with a quick tap a small opening in the wall gave way. Fina, her Shadows, and Firth silently crouched through. 

Instantly they were assaulted with the smell of rot as the dank prison opened up before them. Moans and screams could be heard from all around the dimly lit cells. Firth looked distraught, but Fina gently assured him they would find his son and he calmed slightly. They crept their way silently through the hallways of cells, countless poor souls with hollow eyes on the brink of death. Fina was growing hot with rage, some of these citizens may be criminals, but knowing the ways of King Zayin it was safe to assume most of them were here for no reason other than insulting the King or being taken in for not paying taxes like Firth’s son. In Fina’s thoughts, she plotted how they could eventually free them all, and in turn, add numbers to the ranks of the village.

Suddenly Firth gasped loudly and bolted to a cell on the right. Fina and the others followed with footsteps like faint whispers, she knelt next to Firth and with one look he understood to keep still and quiet, he nodded fervently in the direction of a heap on the cold ground, it was his son. Fina pulled out her tools to pick the lock, the dim torchlight barely gave any light to see so she proceeded by mere touch. Two breaths later the lock clicked open, Fina silently pushed open the cell door and crept to where the boy was lying, she gently put a hand to his mouth, he was breathing. She motioned to Firth and he also crept inside the cell, together they lifted the boy and carried him out. He was weak, his eyes fluttered open for a moment and when he saw his father he smiled weakly and nestled into Firth’s arms. Tears poured from Firth’s eyes but he did not make a sound. 

They were making their way back to the secret entrance when they heard heavy footfalls of plate boots followed by loud chuckling. Guards were approaching. Fina motioned for them to fall back and around the corner, while she somehow vanished before their eyes. Once they were around the corner and hidden Fina strained to listen to the guards banter.

“Yes Dreven came back humiliated…” more laughter, “He lost a hand to those savages!” followed by more chuckling, “…now he is convincing the King that the Siren Village needs to be obliterated, he is mustering more soldiers they say in the thousands…” their voices trailed off as they passed where Fina was and continued on out of earshot. 

Fina crept closer, silently on their tracks, she yearned to hear more of the King’s and Dreven’s plans. 

“Might be we should leave them alone, I hear the Sirens and cast spells on men to make them drown themselves without thought!” one guard exclaimed and the other responded lightly “I won’t fall under no spell like that, but I heard they can use water as weapons!” They both laughed again and continued on like this for a few more minutes when Fina finally heard what she wanted to hear. “Dreven is hoping to begin the march to the Siren Village in three weeks time, he is just awaiting the King’s approval, no doubt he’ll get it since he’s the King’s brother, but also a whining nuisance in his ear. Maybe this time he’ll die!” They both laughed again, “I’m just glad we won’t be going, I prefer watching the prisons to fighting Sirens!” Their laughter trailed off as Fina made her way back to her Shadows, Firth, and his son.

She motioned for them to follow, and soon they were outside the prison walls again. Firth scooped up his son and carried him protectively in his arms. They silently made their way out of Zorin through secret paths Fina had walked many times before she dared to speak aloud.

“They’re planning an assault on the village, this time with thousands.” Firth and The Shadows looked shocked but quickly hardened their expressions. 

“It is to be expected eventually, Dreven will not stand for any defiance, and the King will never allow freedom in his realm.” One of the Shadows, a gangly man with pointed features, spat. 

“I’ll slaughter them all,” Firth growled while holding his son to his chest.

Fina nodded in agreement, “We must make haste back to the village and warn Aelesia.”

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