Storms May Come – Chapter 3

To read from the beginning, click here. … We stood on the rocky shore as the sun first peeked above the ocean, glinting off the water and painting the skies vivid colors. We watched as a dozen tails broke the surface of the waves, the glistening scales more beautiful than the sunrise. They skimmed across the water towards our party […]

Storms May Come – Chapter 2

The rage in my heart and the pain in my chest finally quelled enough that I realized I needed to get out of Dreven’s shack before he returned. I thoughtfully put back the leather pouch exactly as I had found it.  What should I do? I thought to myself. I slipped away unnoticed and paced along the shore as the […]

Storms May Come

After the storm, in the silence and the calm, he came, like he was ushering in the sunlight himself. Later, I thought it more likely he had pushed in the storm. But when you’re desperate and someone offers aid, you don’t question it. So we began the rebuilding, along with Dreven. And his presence made us believe that this time […]


A crinkled-skinned man looked around with glistening dark eyes, and drool slowly dripped from his lips. “Yes-yes all according to plan!” His face stretched into a too-long smile, cracks in his lips opening further a path for blood.  The sky was dark above, a dense fog stretching past all sight. Contorting shadows littered every inch of the ground, their moans […]

The Ilodian Rift – Part 2

If you haven’t read the beginning of The Ilodian Rift, you can find it here. … Ellisar steps through the portal first, then waves at us to follow. I grab my brother and sister’s hands. With a deep breath, I step through the glowing rift. I feel a tingle along my skin. Then, the air feels lighter and the world […]

The Ilodian Rift

The sound of loud music pops the bubble around me as I am pulled out of the intense moment in the story I was reading and brought abruptly back to the present. I sigh as I sit my book on the table and launch up from my chair. I stomp to my brother’s room next to mine.  “Can you turn […]

Magic of Music

When Lyna plays for her fans the music comes to life. You can see it in their faces, as her voice flows through the audience, their eyes alight with awe as if they were shining stars, their hair practically floating, and a soft golden aura surrounding them in the warmth of her music.  Lyna loved playing music and adored her […]

Thwarting Fate

Desperation made my hands shake as I poured the salt circle around myself, meticulously checking that there was no break in the line. I knew this was a terrible idea, but I also had to acknowledge that it was my only hope. The Fates had foretold of the loss of everything I held dear, and I only had one thing […]

The Witches Curse

There once lived three sisters, all of whom were witches. They were known as the Dawn Witch, the Dusk Witch, and the Witch of Darkest Night. The Dawn Witch was the youngest and sweetest of the three sisters, and she did something neither of the other witches would dare to do…she fell in love.  He was a dashing pirate who […]

Beauty or a Beast – Part 2

If you haven’t read the beginning of Beauty or a Beast, you can find it here. … “Where are we going anyway?” Nell asked.  “Somewhere I know you’ll love,” Silas replied. “But you barely know me!” “I know enough,” he said with a smirk. Nell wasn’t sure how to take the comment. She was unsure about Silas as well. In […]