Best Restaurants for Fantasy Nerds!

In this post we will be talking about the Best Restaurants for Fantasy Nerds! It’s a list of our favorites or ones we want to visit. 

Be Our Guest

This restaurant, located in Disney World, gives you the experience of dining in Beast’s castle, and it does not disappoint. The atmosphere is nothing short of enchanting. You can view Belle and Beast dancing in the dining room, paintings and tapestries with scenes from the movie, and of course, the west wing with the magic rose. When your food is ready, it is rolled out in a cart, and you can get a collectible cup with your beverage. 

While I dined at this restaurant simply for the Beauty and the Beast decor, the food blew me away. I don’t actually remember what exactly I ordered, but I know when I think of this restaurant, I always remember that the food was amazing. In addition to the delicious french-inspired entrees, they have some beautiful desserts, including “the grey stuff”. If you find yourself in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you definitely need to visit the Be Our Guest restaurant!

Three Broomsticks

This English-style tavern is modeled after the Three Broomsticks from the Harry Potter novels and is located in the Wizarding World at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. It is located in the Hogsmeade area amongst the leaning snow-capped chimneys, and really brings the setting to life. The menu consists of traditional British fare; such as fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie. However, one of my favorite items is the strawberry and peanut butter ice cream. While the flavor combinations may sound odd, they taste surprisingly good together.

The Three Broomsticks is one of the few places you can try the famous Butterbeer. You can get regular Butterbeer or frozen. While I think you should try both options, the regular Butterbeer is my preference. It tastes similar to cream soda, but extra delicious! The sweet foam on top is what really makes the drink for me. If it is your first time going to Hogsmeade, you have to get your drink in the collectible Harry Potter mug. 

Hobbit Cafe

The Hobbit Cafe is in Houston, Texas. I think the name speaks for itself, it’s a Hobbit themed restaurant! They serve beer on tap and have a glorious Tolkien themed menu. Their restaurant is located in the middle of beautiful trees and you can eat on the patio for an immersive Middle Earth meal.

The Hobbit Cafe actually started out making Tolkien fare food on the road, and their menu was strictly vegetarian for ten years. But now their menu is full of many delicious sounding foods that are also interesting and adventurous. If you’re ever in Houston be sure to check out Hobbit Cafe! You can visit their website here for more information! 

The Cauldron NYC

While neither Clever or I have been here, it’s top on our list of Fantasy restaurants we want to go to! Located in Manhattan, it would definitely require a trip to go, but a trip well worth it I think.

At The Cauldron they offer a class where you create your own potion with a magic wand while adorning a cloak! Doesn’t get much more Fantasy than that. It’s a two story building with food and drinks, all Fantasy themed. They use what is called “molecular mixology” and science to create an experience of magic to make a consumable drink, which hopefully tastes pretty good! 

The atmosphere and set up of the potion class and the restaurant look breathtakingly perfect for a Fantasy Nerd!

 If you want to take the class you have to make a reservation, and the dining is separate from the class. If you want to check out their website for more information on The Cauldron go here

The Green Dragon (honorable mention)

The Green Dragon was located in Murfreesboro TN, very close to where I live, but unfortunately it is now closed. I went to this restaurant many times, and let me tell you it was incredible! So I decided to include it on this list as an honorable mention.

When you walked in the atmosphere of The Green Dragon instantly made you feel as if you stepped into Middle Earth. It was dimly lit, candles glowing, mugs and various Lord of the Rings memorabilia hung from the ceiling. A map of Middle Earth, a drawing of Gandalf and Tolkien poems and excerpts lined the walls. The staff were dressed in their best Shire attire, with a welcoming aura.

 They had mead and other brews on tap, and the mead they served was by far the best I’ve had thus far in my journey of life. The food was expertly named and prepared to feel like you were eating what the Fellowship would eat if they were at The Green Dragon. At closing time when it was last call for drinks, they even blew the horn of Gondor! If they ever reopen I would highly recommend going here to immerse yourself in Middle Earth, have a mead and a hot meal.

That’s it for our list of best restaurants for Fantasy Nerds! Have you been to any mentioned above? Have any you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to buy us a coffee! We promise to share! 

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